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Bracket Challenge

Bracket Challenge

Want to set up your own 64 Team single elimination tournament and track the results? Everyone else does each March. It is madness. However, this ActionScript and PHP project will get you started. Download

Flash 8

The bracket.fla just contains art/movieclips. The code lives in .as files. There is just a little bit of dependency on -- the code waits until the name is set. Remove the initialization in the first frame.

ActionScript 2

The ActionScript is triggered by a call to include in frame2 and by linkage to the Bracket* classes. BracketTree is a set of games. The BracketGame is a tournament game. BracketTeam has information about the team. Start by reading and watching the initialization order.


config.txt contains the paths to all the configuration files.

  • saveurl - point to update.php
  • loadurl - point to query.php
  • top100url - points to top100.txt
  • resultsurl - points to results.xml
  • teamsurl - points to teams.xml
  • scheduleurl - points to schedule.txt
  • saveInterval - sets the save delay
  • myname - if set, skips waiting for the Kongregate name


The PHP files that read/write from the database are in the server subdirectory. Start by setting the values in query.php gets called when the SWF runs to get data for the user (or to create a new entry.) update.php gets called any time a save is requested.


Set the admin flag in to create an admin client. This client will let you select teams after the tournament has started and will display the list of games/results on the score page. This will let you update results.xml. After updating results.xml, run "php admin/scoring.php %". This will update the scores in the database. You can use the mysql wildcard to do this in batches. After that is finished, update the top100.txt by running "php top100.php".

License (zlib)

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