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Site Description contains my ActionScript packages, my Flash projects source and assets, some code samples, project designs and ideas, resource links, book reviews, and a bugzilla database to keep track of the bugs, versions, and requested features. The goal of the site is equally split between my needs to archive and track my projects AND my desire to share the code with you in hopes that we'll both learn something interesting.

REPOSITORY - re·pos·i·to·ry (r-pz-tôr, -tr) n. pl. re·pos·i·to·ries
1. A place where things may be put for safekeeping.
2. A warehouse.
3. A museum.
4. A burial vault; a tomb.
5. One who is entrusted with secrets or confidential information.

I hope MountAbbey can fit the first definition and not the fourth. But don't expect too much too quickly especially since most of my existing code is ActionScript 1.0 and not the new ActionScript introduced with Flash MX 2004 and Flash 8 much less AS3.

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Unfortunately, the site is still very content light. The first ActionScript code/samples was just released. I need to stop playing around building web sites and actually get back to programming Flash.

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