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Mount Abbey is the street I used to live on and the site is not named after a mountain monastery.

My vision for is that it will become a vibrant place where I can share code and ideas. Ultimately, the site will be successful if I learn something or manage to help someone else learn something.

Bob Mitchell

I never know if I should write in first or third person when describing myself on the web. So you'll have to forgive the mixed usage.

In real-life, I am a programmer at Sony Online Entertainment working on EverQuest II. I have been working with Flash and ActionScript since 2000 when I became involved with several Flash projects at SOE. My favorite role was trying to teach artists to program. My least favorite bit was trying to uncover all the quirks of early ActionScript and often dreamt of a day when it would become a real programming language.

I now work on Flash exclusively at home. I skipped the Flash MX2004 upgrade and the first release of ActionScript 2.0 and so I have a lot of catching up to do. One motivation for this site is to make sure I move projects from the prototype stage into more finished projects.

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