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The bug and feature tracking software I want to use is BugZilla 2.20. Unfortunately... it needs a prerequisite I don't have: Mail::Mailer (v1.65) and v1.62 is installed. And so I'm currently using v2.18.4.


Dreamweaver is Macromedia's Web Site editor. The nicest feature (over using HTML by hand) is the ability to have all the pages update when you change a template.


CVS is the source control system used. DreamHost has the CVS server and users setup automatically but does not allow for anonymous access like Instead, I use cvs -export and some scripts for releases of packages and projects.

Web hosting

While I don't want to sound like a pushy reseller I'm going to give you the pitch... My sites are hosted with DreamHost. DreamHost is run by Harvey Mudd College alumni which should be reason enough to trust them. They offer reasonable prices, amazing bandwidth and diskspace, easy installations, full shell access, FTP, streaming, unlimited domains and subdomains on the same account, MySQL, and much more. One of my favorite features is an automatic increase in diskspace and bandwidth every week you subscribe.

If you use "mountabbey" as your referral, I get $97. I wouldn't use them if I didn't like them. The referral rewards program is an added bonus and hopefully will allow me to afford the expensive hobby of writing software.

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